How TSEREN TOURS started

In 1992 Dutch Rik pedaled to Mongolia on his two-year bike tour around the world. He met his future wife Tseren and they started to explore Mongolia together. A year later we got a request from Dutch organization to organize cycling trip in Mongolia, the rest is history.

17 years later we have a long and fascinating story to tell about our priceless experience and knowledge. We are one of the leading companies in the field of active and adventure tours in Mongolia. We are young and energetic as well as professional and responsible.

We research all our tours ourselves and take pride in engaging with different cultures so we promise that your visit to Mongolia will be far more than just a “sight-seeing” trip.

Our goal is to provide the best active and adventure holidays while benefiting our host communities as much as possible. We will take you to the most fascinating and exciting places in authentic Mongolia. We offer the choice of well crafted adventure holidays in Mongolia and can design tours to suit the individual requirements of our clients.

TSEREN TOURS was founded and is currently run by Tseren Enebish with her husband Rik Idema. Tseren is a proud Mongolian national, she comes from the Mongolian country side, in 1992, she graduated with a degree from the Mongolian Arts Academy. Her nomadic blood still flows strongly within her and has always pushed her to seek the knowledge of what lies beyond the horizon.

Rik first came to Mongolia from The Netherlands in the spring of 1992 while on his two year world cycling tour. He found Mongolia to be one of the most untouched countries he had ever visited. Rik the traveler, soon fell in love with the nomadic spirit of Mongolia and its people.

Rik and Tseren met in Ulaanbaatar while Rik was waiting for his visa to allow him to carry on the next leg of his bike tour. Driven by their common passion and desire to travel and discover the world, they journeyed together throughout Mongolia and other Asian and European countries. They love to travel in an individual flexible way, thus being more open and allowing them to devote more attention to the local people and the various cultures they encountered.

In 1994 they started together the TSEREN TOURS Company and slowly began to organize tour parties to Mongolia. Their tours are based on their own philosophy of travel not as tourists but as sensitive adventurous explorers. Their first organised tour during that year was a bike tour around the most scenic parts of the country. Later they organized all other kinds of tours for small groups and for individuals. Sometimes tours are arranged in cooperation with European tour operators.

Because they have both lived in Mongolia and the Netherlands Rik and Tseren are an outstanding couple promoting positive experiences for visitors and hosts where Mongolian and Western cultures meet each other. Rik and Tseren want to share their awareness and respect for Mongolia – its peoples and places – with you.