About our tours

Our expertise is organizing tours for individual travelers and small groups – and we have arranged this for thousands of Mongolian adventure seekers since 1993. Our clients prefer this more intimate group size as they get more individual attention to detail from our guides and drivers, and we can cater more for their needs than if part of a larger tour. It is also preferable for individual travelers to use a guide – a one-on-one basis makes it far easier to get around and see what you want to. Mongolia is a large country and outside of UlaanBaatar it can be almost impossible to find any direction signposts, shops, hotels or anyone with European language skills. It is far easier and convenient to hire a guide and driver – our guides are bi-lingual and can help accommodate your plans and desired itinerary. Mongolia is simply not organized for individual travelers unless you are highly experienced at trekking in remote areas and can speak the language. That is why it is better to make a pre arrangement – and this is what we provide. We can help you to organize your tours, whether it is by jeep, horse or camel trekking, biking; a fishing or bird watching trip, Gobi desert expedition, mountains, or even dinosaur bone hunting or a combination of any of these. We will work out with you your desired tour to take in what it is you want to see and where to want to go to ensure you get the most out of your vacation and the most from your Mongolian adventure experience.

Jeep tours
If you choose to take a Jeep tour you will travel with a sturdy 4WD Russian jeep (1-3 persons plus guide and driver), or in a 4WD Russian minivan (4-6 persons plus guide and driver). For a small surcharge you can hire a luxury jeep such as a Toyota Landcruiser or a Mitsubishi Pajero. These cars belong to local Mongolian drivers who are experienced drivers and mechanics and know the countryside routes – often little more than tracks – intimately, which is a standard requirement in a country with very few paved roads and no signposted directions! You will be accompanied by a guide/cook, who will also act as translator. Most of our translators/guides are English speaking, but we also have German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian and Dutch speaking guides. Just let us know which language you need. Our guides are trained in-house and have been through unique classroom and field training programs designed by Tseren Tours. The guide/cook will arrange the meals and shop locally for supplies where necessary. You may also contribute food if you wish to bring special snacks, beers and so on. It is possible to stay the night with nomadic families if you wish. Depending upon the size of the family you are likely to either stay with them in their ger or sleep in a separate ger nearby.

Trekking tours
Trekking (hiking) is not as traditional as horse trekking, but there are still plenty of places where you can participate in day treks. We organize treks especially in the mountain areas of Khangai and Altai, where you can walk through valleys with friendly nomads, traverse high mountain passes with spectacular views of snow clad mountains, or pass alongside mountain lakes that reflect the clear blue sky. As with the horse trekking program, we provide an experienced local guide together with a guide/cook/translator. The local guide will bring pack animals so you don’t need to carry your own luggage.

Horse trekking tours
Over 800 years ago Mongolian warriors conquered half the known world on horseback. Nomadic families continue to use horses to perform daily work to this day. Traveling around with horses and tents is probably the best way to traverse Mongolia. Mongolian horses are good-natured and small but very strong. We work together with the best local horsemen, some of whom have won medals for the best horsemanship in the country, or have been honored at Nadaam Festival for their skills. A locally experienced horseman will always accompany you as a guide on our horse treks. Additionally, we provide a guide/cook/translator who will also accompany you throughout your horse trek. We provide our own Western style leather saddles, however the Mongolians prefer their traditional wooden saddles. You may try either! Luggage will usually be transported by packhorses, but in some areas camels or yaks may serve the same purpose. If you have experience of horse riding you will settle right into the trekking experience, but prior riding experience is not necessary. Even people who have never ridden horses before can handle a horse, and even gallop, after just two days in the saddle. We can arrange for pre-trip lessons if you wish.  Most of our horse trekking is in the Khentii and Khangai mountains, but it is possible to choose other regions, please just ask. Due to the logistics of getting you there and back again – out to the starting location of your journey and later from your ultimate destination – horse trekking tours are usually combined with jeep tours.

Cycling, camel trekking,& fishing
The first group tours we organized back in 1993 were cycling tours. You can plan extraordinary individual cycling tours as long as you are well prepared. Most of Mongolia’s roads are unpaved, yet cycling is still relatively easy. We can provide a support vehicle that will carry heavy luggage and supplies, giving you the freedom to feel the wind against your face as you ride. Camel trekking is usually undertaken in the Gobi, over sand dunes and past primeval rock formations. We can also arrange camel treks in the Altai region, where you can travel across the high mountain passes. In the Khangai or Khentii regions yaks or horses will carry your luggage as pack animals alongside you – just as did silk road traders thousands of years ago. If you get tired you can also take a rest upon the carts that the yak or horse is pulling. With a canoe you can paddle down stream on the Tuul river to Ulaanbaatar. For more advanced canoeists extreme whitewater canoeing is possible along the Orkhon River. Fishing isn’t a Mongolian tradition, but Mongolia has the worlds largest salmonoid in the Taiman, a ferocious fish caught on the fly or by spinning. Trout and other freshwater species are abundant in Mongolia’s lakes and rivers. We can advise on fishing trips and help plan journeys.

Special interest travel options
All of our tours, be it a Jeep tour, hiking, cycling or horse trekking, emphasize Mongolia’s diverse, stunning natural surroundings and encourage contact with the traditional nomadic lifestyle. In this you can relax away from busy city life, your career or studies, and re-focus on the very essential matters of life. Living with nomads for a few days, enjoying pristine beauty in Mongolia’s varied landscapes and trying your hand at horse or camel riding, cycling or canoeing, you are sure to find yourself refreshed and exhilarated ! You can plan to see the most beautiful monasteries in the country, even staying the night at some. In the countryside you can see an amazing variety of animal life, visit the most beautiful lakes, where rare birds such as cranes, avocets, hoopoes and whooper swans thrive. On a visit to mountain cliffs you are likely to catch more than a glimpse of eagles, vultures and hawks. In Mongolia’s valleys and mountainsides you can see beautiful wild flowers, orchids, wild roses, and lilies. Tseren Tours are pleased to be your guide across beautiful Mongolia and help you plan your trip so as to make the most of the many adventure.

How to book a tour?
Simply send us an email, tell us what kind of tour you are interested in and we will do our utmost to accommodate your wishes. If you let us know what your interests are we can work with you to help make your trip a unique and unforgettable experience. Just tell us when you want to come, for how long, with how many persons, and what you would like to do and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a proposal, possible itinerary and a quotation. If the first proposal is not quite what you had in mind we will work with you and find something more suitable. We are well known for working with our clients and listening to their travel preferences – this enables us to help plan your ultimate Mongolia adventure.