Tseren tour team

In 1992 Rik pedaled from Holland to Mongolia on his two year world bike tour. He met his future wife Tseren while in Ulaanbaatar and they started exploring Mongolia together.

A year later Rik and Tseren got a request from a Dutch company to organize a cycling trip in Mongolia.

Today we have gained priceless experience and knowledge in traveling around Mongolia. We are the leading Ulaanbaatar based company in the field of active and adventure tours. We are young, energetic as well as professional and responsible. We explore and set up all of our tours ourselves and being true observers of different cultures we promise that your visit to Mongolia  will be more than just an effort in Mongolian sight-seeing but a true adventure that will bring you closer to the heartland of Mongolia.

Our goal is to provide the best active and adventure holidays possible while benefiting from our host communities responsibly. We will take you to the most fascinating and exciting places we have ourselves discovered. We have a wild choice of well crafted adventure holidays in Mongolia and we can design tours to suit the individual requests of our clients.

Tseren / Director
Tseren was born in Bayankhongor, a remote region of Mongolia. She eventually married  Rik, the wondering Dutchman during his travels through the land of the Blue Sky. She is now a  mother of  4, sometimes wonderful children.

The true passion of Tseren is as an artist, keen for new ideas and the exploration of remote destinations. She is constantly inspired by her own dreams, seeking to experiencing the next true adventures of her life.

Rik / Founder of Tseren Tours
Rik is always happy to share his travel ideas with fellow travellers, idealists and explorers . He started his travels by carrying out his lifelong dream, a cycling trip from Holland to Mongolia.

His childhood was inspired by his explorations of maps and dreams of the next frontier. As Rik  finally grew up (but there is some debate about that) he was finally able to put his dreams to fruition and explore the world beyond the maps.

He is hoping that one day he will make another world tour with his
young boys.

Ooyoo / Human Resource Manager
Ooyo joined Tseren Tours in 2004 without any formal background in the tourism industry. Today she is one of the main movers and shakers in the company. She is a strong individual with a talent for communications and a creative mind.

She is responsible for the administration and bookings of the tours as well as making sure that the Tseren Tours guides are the best in the industry.

Sashka / International Business Development
Saskha is our French linguist, she is exploring the new french speaking markets and assisting Tseren Tours in becoming a truly international entity.

She has lived for many years in Geneva where she pursued a passion for the beauty and creation of music and teaching. She then felt the deep desire to return to her homeland to apply her talents and her dynamism to Ulaanbaatar. She has also created a vibrant network of friends and clients in Europe which come and visit us regularly.

Handaa / The Money Lady
Handaa is in charge of all the finances within Tseren Tours, she makes sure we are able to provide our clients with the best quality tours while keeping them as affordable as possible.

Handaa is one of the keystones of the company, allowing us to grow year on year and is helping Tseren Tours become a truly sustainable business. Her careful management and planning allows us to weather the storms and flourish in the good times.

Davga / Gear Maintenance
Davga is one of the senior members of our company. He takes care of all our equipment and keeps them at perfect condition.