On this tour you will see a lot in a very short time.

Day 1

Flight to Dalanzadgad.
Arriving in Dalanzadgad driver and guide pick you up from the airport.Drive to tourist camp “Mongolia Gobi” near Bayanzag/flaming cliffs, saxual forest. Total driving  170 km.

Day 2


Breakfast in the “Mongolia Gobi”. Departure to Khongoriin Els, the beautifully stretched sand dunes in South Gobi. Picnic on the way to the  sand dunes. Arrive afternoon to the tourist camp near Khongoriin Els. And stay night in ger camp “Gobi Anar” . Total 150 km.

Day 3


Breakfast in the stayed tourist camp “Govi Anar” and have some walking over the sand dunes. Have picnic lunch nearby sand dunes. Start driving to Yolin Am, the ice canyon. Many wild animals like vultures, marco polo sheep, marmots and gazelles live nearby here.Stay night in the tourist camp near the canyon. Total 150 km.

Day 4


After breakfast we will continue to explore. Having picnic lunch by the big valley “Dungenee” to enjoy valley. Afternoon drive to Dalanzadgad airport. Take the plane from Dalanzadgad to UB. Total 130 km to Dalanzadgad.

Day 5


Flight from UB to Moron, the centre of Khovsgol province. Driver and guide are picking you up from airport of Moron. And further driving to Hatgal, the small town on the shore of Khovsgol lake. Spending an afternoon by the lake (walking, relaxing next to the lake). Have picnic lunch on the shore of Khovsgol lake. Stay night in Nature’s Door, the tourist camp by Khovsgol lake. Total 130 km.

Day 6


Breakfast in the tourist camp and enjoying the time near lake and afternoon around 5 pm departure to Moron. Stay night “Dol” ger camp. Dinner in the tourist camp. Total 130 km.

Day 7


After having breakfast in the tourist camp “Dol”, we will drive down to White lake. Total 260 km.

Day 8


Arriving in White lake late in the evening and stay night in “Maikhan Tolgoi” tourist camp. Its on the shore of the White lake. And have a dinner in restaurant of the tourist camp.

Day 9


Breakfast at the edge of White lake and exploring the lake a bit. Driving from White lake to Khorgo Volcano. Having some walk around the extinct volcano. Picnic lunch next to the volcano bowl. Come back to the tourist camp near the White lake. Total 40 km.

Day 10


Driving to Tsenkher hot springs and stay night in the tourist camp by the hot springs. Having hot bath in the hot springs. Total 200 km.

Day 11


After breakfast drive to Kharhorin, the old capital with ancient monastery Erdene Zuu, built in 1586, with its famous wall containing 108 stupas. Spend the afternoon there and have lunch near the old capital. Late afternoon drive to Mongol Els, the stretched sand dunes in central Mongolia. Stay night up to the and dunes in tourist camp “Bayan Govi”. Dinner in the tourist camp’s restaurant. Total 230 km.

Day 12


Breakfast in the tourist tourist camp, drive few kms up to the sand dunes and have some walking by beautiful Khogno Khan mountain. After lunch, drive to Khustai National Park. The national park is the place for takhis, the endangered wild horses. Beautiful wide valleys and with naked mountains. Early in the evening, you will have chance to see the horses. Stay night in ger camp “Khustain Nuruu”, runned by the national park itself. Total 220 km.

Day 13


Breakfast in Khustai National Park, and have some time in the park. Have lunch in the national park and drive back to UB. Total 115 km.