Hentii hourse trek

What could be more Mongolian than to travel the traditional nomadic way on horseback?

Day 1


We leave Ulaanbaatar and head eastwards to the Khan Khentii Strictly Protected Area. At 40km we cross a large wooden bridge across the Tuul River and enter the southern and most visited part of the protected area usually referred to as Terelj National Park. Here we can see lots rock formations, which are named after their shape such as Turtle Rock. We will cross a mountain pass and reach a small settlement where we will cross the River Terelj. There is no bridge to cross the river and in summer it can be deep. From here on no roads only tracks. By 4WD we can reach day you will do a little horse riding to choose the right horse for you.

Day 2-7


The horse trek takes place in an area of wilderness extending all the way to the Russian border. There are lush rolling grasslands full with wild flowers, forests with pine and birch trees and mountains up to 2800m. we have to cross fast flowing rivers. There is lots of wildlife in the area; wolves; brown bear, lynx, red deer and moose. They are hard to see during the summer except for the smaller ones like marmots, foxes, eagles and cranes. In the southern area we will see a few nomadic families who travel around with their herds of horses, cows, yaks, sheep and goats. We will stay with some of them and experience the traditional nomadic life style. Further north there is less grasslands and more forests with lakes and fewer nomads. In this area we will camp in tents carried by the packhorses or the yak cart. After 6 days on horseback we will come back to the starting point of the trek and will be picked up by jeep or minivan return to Ulaanbaatar.