Magic Canoe tour

We named this tour the magic tour because it takes in the many different sides of Mongolia’s most famous rivers. We will traverse rapids, not too easy but also not so dangerous that you have to leave the canoe. There are wide valleys, full of animals, herders and gers. In contrast there are also steep canyon walls between which the river rushes. You will, in fact, experience all of the diverse landscapes of central Mongolia. If you are a bird lover this trip is unsurpassed. There are eagles and vultures, ducks and geese, sparrows and rare birds that the specialist should not miss. This is an expedition trip and there is no car following the river. Therefore we will be taking all supplies with us in the canoes. Those who want to can go fishing in the morning or evening. No canoeing experience or special fitness is needed. Moderate fitness and some swimming capabilities will suffice.

It is possible to add extra days to this tour:

Add one day fishing with Gena, a Russian fisherman in Orkhon Sum.

Add one more day canoeing (pick up will be a bit further down the river).

Add one day on the way back to visit Amarbayasgalant Khiid the most beautiful and least visited of Mongolia’s big monasteries.

Combine with another canoe tour and make it a two week tour.

Day 1-2


After driving for 2 days in one of our Russian Jeeps we arrive in Orkhon Sum, a small town on the banks of the Orkhon river.

Day 3


We settle in and relax within the breathtaking mountain landscape.

Day 4


As we canoe along a wide valley the beautiful mountain scenery unfolds before us and we witness the river rapids.

Day 5


Rapidly changing landscape with stunning rock faces and wide valleys with huge herds of animals. Eagle and vulture territory.

Day 6


First mountains then several hours a wide valley and then, towards the evening, yet more mountains soaring over the horizon.

Day 7


We leave the mountains and get into a wide  valley at the end of which our minivan will be waiting for us.

Day 8


Drive back to Ulaanbaatar (8hours).