The middl gobi tour

This trip offers not only a longer duration but also an opportunity to see the different landscapes that together form this epic country. You will sample the Gobi and its dry sands and move through to the steppe and the rolling hills.

The children can ride the 2 humped Bactrian Camel, this really gives them a thrill to remember. This is only one of the many activities available which you can all take part in together.

Having your own vehicle means you can do this trip at your leisure and stop and eat when the mood takes you or when your children tell you!

The families you and your children will meet are true Nomads and will be as intrigued as you are. Your guide will answer all your questions and enable you to talk with the nomads.

Day 1


Througt rolling dry and treeless steppe we go southwards to Ar Burdiin Els (Els means sands). This is the closest sand dune area to Ulaanbaatar. We will camp near the dunes where camel riding is possible.

Day 2


Close by are the big basalt rock formations of Zorgol Khairkhan Uul rising up from the flat steppe.Here quite often the wild Argali (Marco Polo sheep) can bee seen. From here the route turns westwards across the steppe. Camping near the provincial capital of Arvaikheer.

Day 3


We go to to Kharhorin the capital of the old Mongolian empire founded by Chinggis Khan.There is virtually nothing left of the old city, but the Erdene Zuu monastery which was build in the 16th century is very impressive. The Buddist monastery consists of beautiful temples, statues and stupas.

Day 4


The road goes north to the small village of Khoton and then onwards to the ruins of Khar Balgaz which was once the capital of the Uigur Empire, which ruled Mongolia before Chinggis Khan. We will camp or stay with a nomadic family.

Day 5


Further north we will reach Ogii Nuur, a beautiful lake with a variety of birds. Near the lake we will stay in a ger with nomadic family.

Day 6


Mongol Els, southwest an area with sand dunes and rock formation a mini Gobi. We will stay with a nomadic family or camp near a small river with sand dunes.