The Monkh Khairkhan Trek

The Monkh Khairkhan Trek

One of the most magnificent and exclusive tours we offer. The Monkh Khairkhan is certainly one of the most breathtaking sight in all of Mongolia. This trek is the best way to re-discover nature as it is supposed to be.

Day 1

Transfer to the Chinggis Khan airport to board a morning flight to Khovd where we go by road to our first campsite near the Buyant Gol river, passing the ruins an old Chinese fort on the way. The campsite is walking distance from the city centre of Khovd but is situated in a beautiful valley.


Day 2-3

We leave camp at 09.00 and travel by Jeep to the starting point of our trek. Passing the southern shore of the shallow Khar Us lake, the largest lake in the province we stop at the Tsenkheriin Agui caves. Within these ancient caves you can view stunning 15,000 year old paintings. The river crossing leads towards a steep mountain range, which we will approach through a deep canyon. The landscape then opens out again as we cross a mountain pass 3000m above sea level. From here we have stunning views over the 4362m high Monkh Khairkhan, the second highest mountain in Mongolia. We follow the Bortiin Gol river upstream, making our camp on it’s grassy banks.


Day 4

Walking upstream along the Bortiin Gol we will reach a small glacial lake and the toe of a larger glacier that stems from the Monkh Khairkhan. Another option is to circumnavigate half of the mountains at 3600m. The flat top of the mountain is generally free from snow. On the cold northern side of the mountains steep glaciers hang above the lakes below.


Day 5-17

We will make a 13 day trek through the mountains with camels and horses as pack animals and one or two local herders as guides. Like all the mountains in the west of Mongolia this area belongs to the Altai mountain range. The highest mountain here is the Monkh Khairkhan, rising 4362m above sea level, the second highest mountain in Mongolia. The landscape is rough, barren and wild, but there are also wide valleys with small forests, waterfalls and lakes. The highest point on the trek is a pass on the border of the provinces Khovd and Altai at an altitude of 3400m. Whilst trekking through Bayan Olgii we go as low as 1700m. At this altitude it is warmer and we can swim and wash in the river. Near Bulgan we will camp and enjoy a day of rest.

Day 17-18

We turn towards the province of Gobi Altai. On the border of the Hovd and Gobi Altai provinces we will pass the snow capped mountain of Sustai Uul, towering above us at 4090m. Later the road descends into the arid Shargyn Gobi area. The next day we climb to 2400m through green and lush landscape, arriving in the provincial capital Altai. Altai is Mongolia’s highest city at 2190m and has a population of about 18.000. In the afternoon we take a flight from Altai to Ulaanbaatar (approximately 2hrs).Upon arrival in Ulaanbaatar we transfer to hotel.